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Coming soon: Nightfall

At the moment, we're very busy bringing our next Dark Armada episode "Nightfall" to completion. It's allmost ready! We know you have been waiting for it for a very long time. The filming work started in 2007, and we've been working on editing, special effects, creating 3d animations, and so on. We allmost couldn't stop making more and more improvements to it. That time has come now. We're making the finishing touches. Please forgive us that we're still unable to give you an exact release date but it will be soon.

For now, please enjoy a preview of what is to come with a vignette. This vignette was made using 'old' footage from 2007. The scenes were deleted from a later version of the "Nightfall" script.

It's been remastered and re-edited into this vignette instead of throwing away the love, the passion and the effort that was put into it!