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Almost time!

Check out the new vignette for Star Trek Dark Armada titled "Almost Time"

And don't forget to watch the end credits for some sneak peeks to our upcoming episode "Out Of Time" Thanks for watching!

Nightfall has been released

On April the 28th, we have released our latest episode: Nightfall. It started production in 2006/2007 and it was a very complex project. But it's finally here!

It's available for watching on YouTube. Now also with English, Dutch and Spanish subtitles.

Nightfall is coming

“Nightfall” was intended to be our pilot episode that entered production in 2006. It turned out to be quite an endeavor to produce all the things we wanted to make at the time. This is why we decided to make several short pieces halfway through the production, which are now known as the episodes “Worst Nightmare” and the “Choices” two-parter.

Finally we’re about to bring you “Nightfall”! The release date is set for April 28th 2013, 06:00 pm UTC (facebook event). And as you may have come to expect from us we have a trailer to tease you with, so enjoy!


International Casting call!

Star Trek Dark Armada has always sought to reach a higher production quality. Therefore we’re now trying to improve the acting by completely recasting the roles on our show (Yes, even the mighty Captain Alexander Richardson will be recast!) 

You can enter the auditions from all over the world. Just make a video with the lines below and upload them to YouTube. You can then post your video on our Facebook page to enter. 

If you are selected for a role the travelling costs and stay will be paid for by the production (Dark Armada is filmed in The Netherlands).

The lines:

Captain: They must think we’re idiots who will easily fall for their trap.
Captain: Red Alert! All hands to battlestations! Lieutenant, contact the nearest outpost and request additional forces.