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The Characters

Here you can read more about the characters you see in Star Trek Dark Armada episodes.

To find out more about a certain character, click his or her name.  (Partly under construction)

Captain Alexander Richardson

RichardsonAlexander is a young Captain who likes a challenge from time to time. He’s always in for a joke, but he’s very serious when on duty. Richardson seems to have many secrets, he tends to keep personal things to himself.

Captain Talek

TalekRichardson served as Captain Talek’s First Officer on the U.S.S. Blue Star and they know each other very well. Talek always keeps his ship close to the Batavia to back them up. Many of Richardson’s crewmembers served on the Blue Star before they were transferred to the Batavia.

Admiral Victoria Taylor

The Batavia crew is relatively young compared to crews on other vessels. Victoria is not that old but she’s like a mother to them, a person they’ve all learned to rely on. Talek and Richardson are her closest friends.

Commander Fina Matryn

Fina Matryn is the Bajoran First Officer on the Batavia. She has served with Alexander before on the Blue Star and is closer to Alexander than anyone else on the ship. She suffered an unfortunate youth during the Cardassian occupation and has never really learned to stand up for herself. Matryn will rarely protest against the Captains orders unless she’s absolutely sure he’s wrong.

Lieutenant Ayana Preck

Ayana Preck is very serious about her job in Engineering. She’s a very good engineer, so good that she sometimes thinks she can solve any problem on her own.

Lieutenant Alan Parker

Alan Parker is often very sarcastic in his work as Chief Medical. When Parker first came to the ship, the first thing he noticed was the number of women on this ship, but he’s a nice guy.

Lieutenant Pierre du Pain

Pierre is a very shy person nonetheless an experienced Operations Officer. Before his duty on the Batavia he has served on the Blue Star and Voyager.

Lieutenant P’Daal

P'DaalAlthough P’Daal is half Vulcan and half Betazoid, he hasn’t got the psychic abilities of these two races. It seems as if he has the logic of a Vulcan, but the emotions of a Betazoid. P’Daal is the Chief Science Officer.

Lt-Commander Celissia Katina

KatinaCelissia Katina is from planet Ethernita. She was one of the Presidents ‘Zakara Zapelolo’ (translated: ‘Special Ones’). Katina has several powerful paranormal abilities. One of those powers is to sense the presence of others, which makes her the perfect Security Chief.

Ensign Belissa

Belissa is part of the Edo, a humanoid species from the planet Rubicun III. While the Edo are a free-spirited people and are very friendly and open on a sexual level, Belissa has embraced that openness in science. She joined Starfleet to pursue her interest in the fields of science.